Email Marketing Overview Easily build and manage email campaigns.

DIYSports built its own email marketing system to provide a simple easy to use system with all of the power of an enterprise level email marketing tool.

Lists are built automatically with each membership enrollment and each player registration. Players lists are clearly labeled in the email list by division.

But what about Email Marketing Tools? Concession stand sales? Tracking team and indivisula stats? Tournaments? Facebook and Twitter to grow your league?

DIYSports has has one easy to use complete system that allows you to manage all of these responsiblilties without having to learn different tools and systems. Let us show you how it works.

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List Creation. List Management. Campaign Management

DIYSports created an easy to use Email Marketing Tool with the features we needed to contact a few members or players to an entire league.

We tried several tools and services but found that either the tools were too complex to learn or the features were restricted by price. So we built what we needed and the result is a world class email tool with the same user-friendly poiint and click that our clients are used to seeing. The team administrator can learn in just a few minutes all of the steps needed to create and manage a successful email communication and marketing.

  • Auto List Creation
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign History
  • Opt Out List
  • Bounce List
  • Opens Tracking
  • List Import
  • List Export
  • Send To One or More Lists
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Template Builder
  • SendGrid Integrated

Email Marketing Basics

Sort lists by user types
Each division is recognized as an email list and
Create Targeted Emails
Keeping a unique list for each age group or division allows you to better communicate with all of the members in your league. Tournaments and rules vary by division and so should your announcements.
League-wide Emails
Communicate with all players and league members in single announcement emails. Use last year's list to announce this year's registration.
Keep Your Lists Clean
Bounced emails can sometimes be caused by a mistake in entering an email address. With the DIYSports bounce list you can contact those with bad email addresses and update your lists.